Agripavia, Pavia

Agripavia, via Omodeo 27, 27100 Pavia
Ph.+39 0382 530760– Email:
Closing Days: Sundays (apart from the first Sunday of the months)
Come to the heart of Pavia for strictly zero-food-mile shopping and aperitifs

Between Piazza della Vittoria and Piazza del Duomo, in the heart of Pavia, there is a place where you can discover who produces food, and how, and taste the treasures of the surrounding countryside, carefully chosen to be brought to life in our shop.
We are in just the right place to bring tourists and city folk into contact with the stories of the products and traditions of our territory. Food should be experienced as culture and conviviality; that’s why we our pre-prepared dishes are crafted with the same ingredients you can buy in the shop, following the cycle of the seasons.
But not only, we also offer courses, workshops and meetings with producers.

Through the creation of personalised gift boxes, gift cards, or simply purchasing one of our hampers, also available online, you can spread the word about the products of the Paniere Pavese in Italy and around the world, with friends and acquaintances, or enjoy them at your home, along with cooking or wine-matching advice!
Of course, alongside our Lomellina rice and Varzi DOP salami, Breme red onion conserve or Parona offella biscuits, a Varzi almond cake or Voghera mostarda pickles, there is our carefully selected Oltrepò Pavese wine list, to buy and take home or enjoy here with us, perhaps with a ham, cheese and honey platter, why not?

Agripavia, Pavia
Via Omodeo, 27
0382 530760
Pavia 27100