Agriturismo Il Cinema, Valle Lomellina (Lomellina)

Agriturismo Il cinema, Via Contrada della Valle 15, 27020 Valle Lomellina
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Closing days: opening on Fridays and Saturdays for dinner; on Sundays for lunch and dinner
Where once shone the light of a projector, today shines the local traditional food and wine

A unique farmhouse, located in the historic centre in front of the Valle Lomellina Castle. From 1948 to 1975 it functioned as an important type of theatre callled ‘avanspettacolo’ which was based on short pieces of comedy with minimal use of props. It maintains the characteristics, height and equipment of the time, like a real Museum of Cinema: stage, stalls, projection machine, film reels, film and rewinding equipment, folding red velvet armchairs, amplifiers, microphones, original posters of Italian and international films, ticket holders, bar counter, antique candy holders and so on. Among the most illustrious names who performed here were Mina and Celentano, at the dawn of their artistic careers, and Fred Buscaglione who was at the height of his success.

The Marucchi family now proposes its cinema in the dual function of farmhouse and permanent film exhibition, allowing modern generations to experience film and theatre as it was in the past. At the table, a generous seasonal offering of the culinary delights of the Lomellina region awaits, from which our famous “feature film of appetizers Il Cinema” (sgonfiotti (puffed bread), sage and fried dumplings with salami, focaccia and gourmet pizzas, black rice with strawberries and rump of white ox, tartlets with celery pesto and gorgonzola, milk bagna cauda, ​​Piedmontese mixed fried with Breme De. Co. red onions in batter, for example) will accompany you along with Carnaroli rice risotto from our farm (typical Lomellina style with salami paste and eye beans, panissa (risotto), castelmagno (cheese) and pears, for example), with fresh pasta (malfatti (gnocchi) of the Lomellina region, ravioli with porcini mushrooms, chestnut flour lasagna, for example), roasts, braised white ox with polenta and overcooked ribs with Bonarda (red wine), the spectacular Arcimbolci cut of fruit seasoned with Rosolio (rose liqueur) from our farm and, finally, the artisanal, classic and modern desserts.
All strictly accompanied by Oltrepò Pavese wines, included in the menu. The stage, the stalls and the outdoor garden (a small corner of peace and tranquility where the cinema equipment used to be) become the ideal place for this typical, but never banal tasting. Lunches, aperitifs, dinners with live music and theatrical performances, evenings with themed menus (truffles, porcini mushrooms, red onion from Breme De. Co.), many options that we offer as well as many occasions that lend themselves to being celebrated with us not only for the truly unique character of the place, but also for the large rooms, suitable for welcoming large numbers of guests and diners.

Agriturismo Il Cinema, Valle Lomellina (Lomellina)
Via Contrada della Valle, 15
335 5459915
Valle Lomellina 27020