Caffè del Teatro, Voghera (Oltrepò)

Caffè del Teatro, Via Emilia 79, 27058 Voghera (PV)
Tel. 0383 270448 – Email:
Giorno di chiusura: domenica
In the center of Voghera, for your Oltrepò sparkling aperitifs

The ancient Albergo del Moro, or the Two Mulberries, boasts records dating back from 1585 until, in 1842, the hotel underwent a conversion to accommodate Voghera’s new theatre called ‘Teatro Sociale’. Bar Teatro opened with the theatre and is a centrally located cafè with a very welcoming atmosphere, making it one of the most popular in Voghera.
The restaurant has been managed since 1996 by the Negrini family, who added cooked food served at the table to the existing coffee bar service. The clientele is very varied and ranges from people who work in banks, offices and nearby shops to people who come to enjoy a simple but refined cuisine.

There are also traditional dishes such as stews, tripe and ragò which is a type of vegetable and meat casserole. There are also some scrumptious homemade desserts.
On Saturday evenings apertifs are served with rich buffets, ranging from cocktails to local wines from the Oltrepò. Customised gift baskets are available for Christmas and Easter.
The cafè/restaurant is located in the heart of Voghera and in the summer, customers can take advantage of an outdoor area right in the main street, Via Emilia, and in the adjoining alley from which you can see the nearby Piazza Duomo.


Caffè del Teatro, Voghera (Oltrepò)
via Emilia 79
0383 270448
Voghera 27058