Caffè del Teatro, Pavia

Caffè del Teatro, Corso di Strada Nuova 75, 27100 Pavia
Tel. 348 0969014 – Email:
Closing days: Mondays
Curtains! Time to eat

The Caffè Teatro is a historic café and cocktail bar located in the centre of Pavia, right in front of the eighteenth-century Gaetano Fraschini Theatre and a stone’s throw from the Visconti Castle.
A landmark for cultural life in the city, the café organizes musical events, meetings with the actors from the theatre and presentations.
It was opened in 1991 by Luigi Cappelletti together with his sons Angelo and Giovanni, until the reins of the management were taken almost exclusively by Angelo Cappelletti, starting in 1994, transforming it from just a day club into a vital hub of the city’s nightlife. Since 2017 the restaurant has been successfully run by his nephew Riccardo Cappelletti.

Aesthetically unusual, all the actors and actresses who have acted over the years at the Fraschini Theater have passed through its doors, as you can see by the numerous autographed posters that fill the walls of the room. Painters, sculptors, musicians, pianists and singers have also chosen this place as a reference point for their performances. This is the only place where you walk on a 200 square metre canvas painted by the artist Guy De Jong, who also contributed other art works for the interior decoration including the refrigerator, the counter and all the tables.
Entering Caffè Teatro you are immersed in an artistic environment, where different styles are blended in a mix of modern and antique furniture, like the cash register from last century or theatre books from two centuries ago.
Often a meeting place for university students to drink a craft beer, a good glass of Oltrepò wine or to eat a sandwich or a flatbread, it is possible to organise graduation and birthday parties. It is a place in constant evolution that however remains faithful to itself and to the idea of ​​those who created it, with one eye on the future and the other on tradition.


Caffè del Teatro, Pavia
Corso di Strada Nuova 75
348 0969014
Pavia 27100