Fra’ Pellizza Osteria Conviviale, Casteggio (Oltrepò)

Fra’ Pellizza Restaurant, via Torino 80 Casteggio
Tel. 0383890339 – Email:
Closing days: Mondays
The two-word name of the restaurant says it all: “Osteria” and “Convivial”.

Fra ’Pellizza is a place of meeting and conviviality where good food and excellent wine blend with attention to detail and the warmth of a home.
Definitely a place worth discovering, for your evenings in the heart of Oltrepò Pavese. Fra ’Pellizza was born in 2015, the fulfillment of owner and chef Carlo’s dream.
It’s no accident that the two-word name of the restaurant says it all: “Osteria” and “Convivial”. Our hospitality philosophy is to make customers feel at ease.
Rare are the occasions when the chef does not go out to listen to the opinions of the patrons, talk to them and thank them for coming.
The restaurant, located on the road that crosses Casteggio, has a welcoming atmosphere with its three dining halls.
The atmosphere is warm without being too formal.
The menu ranges from Italian cuisine, with a focus on Roman tradition, but also includes dishes from other regions and international influences. There are many favourites that, were they not on the menu, would always be requested.
Different dishes are listed on a weekly basis. One of our peculiarities is that the kitchen normally closes at 11pm.

Among the strengths of the Osteria has always been an extensive and regularly updated wine list; you will find between 140 and 170 varieties, with an exclusive eye for quality. We pay particular attention to Oltrepò wines, which make up around half of the available wines.
You will find all 7 Oltrepò Pavese Dos, including the all-important traditional method DOCG sparkling wines of all kinds (Nature, Brut, Cruasè, Rosè), as well as variations not included in the specification such as the Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine. There is also a rich range of white and red wines, such as Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Nero, Buttafuoco and Moscato and Sangue di Giuda sweet wines.

Fra’ Pellizza Osteria Conviviale, Casteggio (Oltrepò)
Via Torino, 80
0383 890339
Casteggio 27045