I Castagni Restaurant, Vigevano (Lomellina)

Ristorante I Castagni, via Ottobiano 8/20, 27029 Vigevano (PV)
Ph. 0381 42860 – Email: info@ristoranteicastagni.com
Closing day: Mondays
A gourmet restaurant in the heart of the Lomellina countryside, with a wine list boasting more than 600 labels from Oltrepò and around the world.

“I Castagni” restaurant in Vigevano is situated in via Ottobiano, in the heart of the Lomellina countryside, about 30 kilometres from Milan.

This rustic and elegant farmhouse belonging to the family was renovated in the finest of good taste by Enrico Gerli, the “I Castagni” Chef.
The harmony this evocative ambience creates is brought to light little by little, lending warmth to guests in an almost musical atmosphere.
These emotions reverberate in delicacies whose roots lie in the traditional aspects of the local territory. This is the natural starting point for a reinterpretation that rewards the gastronomic care and attention and creativity of the Chef, who indeed never disdains “digressions” – without preclusions – into other regional forms of expression.
The wine cellar, curated by Gerli with the same profuse dedication he devotes to his cuisine, boasts more than 600 labels from Oltrepò and around the world.

Enrico Gerli – the cook who drinks in Vigevano – One Michelin Star
I remember very well, it was 1990 and the critic was from the Gambero Rosso guide, also from the beginning which was published in the newspaper “Il Manifesto”; the opinion on the place was immediately positive with a lot of published article with consequent interest on the part of readers who would later arrive in copious numbers to eat. 

I would say that that article represented the turning point in my profession, because my passion for a more complex type of cuisine manifested itself completely, leading me to do refresher internships in a couple of Michelin-starred restaurants, in order to have then other positive acknowledgments on the other gastronomic guides, first of all on the most prestigious “Red guide”. In fact, after a few years and after so much “sweat”, the prestigious recognition of the Star arrived from the latter, a star that still today, after 16 years, the place is proud to have.”

I Castagni Restaurant, Vigevano (Lomellina)
via Ottobiano 8/20
0382 523456
Vigevano 27029