Insolito Caffè, Voghera (Oltrepò)

Insolito Caffe, via Emilia 190, 27058 Voghera
Tel. 0383 47369 – Email:
Giorno di chiusura: domenica
In the center of Voghera, a bar that wants to proudly promote the territory.

We are located in the center of Voghera, a stone’s throw from Piazza Duomo and the station. We have internal spaces and a large outdoor area. Here you will find free WiFi, mobile and notebook charging points, and advanced forms of payment including via app and Bitcoin!
You can find our menu on Facebook and both paper and multimedia versions are available on our website, which is also adapted for mobile phones. We are a small company that, since beginning in 2016, has set itself the goal of offering quality by focusing as much as possible on smiles at km0. We come from experiences that have taken us around Northern Italy and beyond, allowing us to better understand the needs of our customers, and we strive every day to do better. We understand well the needs who work in the area, but also those who like to explore, discovering niche products, because km0 is not enough, it must also be the quality that stands out!

For a la carte wines we only offer wines from the Oltrepò Pavese region, where Voghera itself lies, through wineries we interact with directly, without intermediaries of any kind. We want to have a direct relationship with the producers to be able to recount the story of the wine, not just fill the glass! We have a wide selection of artisanal beers both from Italy and elsewhere. You will not find any of the commercial brands here. We also have a careful selection of km0 beers, produced in Voghera.
We are attentive to various dietary needs, you will find a wide choice of sandwiches, cold dishes, salads and pizza, straight from the oven to your plate! Here, km0 can be seen in the choice of cold cuts, bread, focaccia and desserts. We cater to vegans and vegetarians, to those who, for religious reasons, do not eat certain foods, always trying to add taste and colour.
We can’t wait to share a piece of the Oltrepò with you!

Insolito Caffè, Voghera (Oltrepò)
Via Emilia, 190
0383 47369
Voghera 27058