Osteria Il Cuuc, Mortara (Lomellina)

Osteria il Cuuc – Albergo Bottala, corso Garibaldi 1, 27036 Mortara (PV)
Tel. +39 0384 99106 – Email: davide@ilcuuc.191.it
Closing days: Sun-Mon
A long family tradition in hospitality, in the heart of Mortara. Lomellina at the table.

Why “il Cuuc”? It’s a simple nickname invented for Davide Palestro, which his family gave him when he was just a boy, when he was beginning to memorise the smells of his native Lomellina in every season. Goose and rice, aromas and hues, dishes brimful of flavours and tradition, which come to you today sometimes in altered form, alongside recipes for every palate, a simple cuisine that tells a story…
Opened in 2006, in january 2019 il Cuuc moved to the historical spaces of the hotel Bottala, right in front of the Mortara train station. This building comes straight out of the gastronomical history of the Palestros, which began with La corte dell’oca (the Goose Court), with Gioachino, known as the Peter Pan of the Po Plains. His son Davide is chef here today, il “Cuuc”, helped by the promising young Gabriele (his 20-year-old son).

Davide puts the smells and flavours of the Lomellina to good use – it’s no wild goose chase! There are few wines, but carefully chosen, with special attention for Oltrepò Pavese drops. Dishes you just can’t miss include: baccalà mantecato, focaccia al nero di seppia, datterini e olive Taggiasche; seasonal presentations and goose-based specialties; Carnaroli rice with garlic, oil and chili and frog stew; ravioloni with braised goose filling, thyme butter and gravy; quartered goose drumstick in sweet sauce; green cabbage bottaggio and, to finish off, a tasty Bonet.
Dishes for celiacs and vegetarians are also available. Closed on Monday and Sunday evening.

Osteria Il Cuuc, Mortara (Lomellina)
Corso Garibaldi, 1
0384 99106
Mortara 27036