Ponterosso Restaurant, Voghera (Oltrepò)

Ristorante Ponterosso, Via Garibaldi 179, 27058 Voghera (PV)
Tel. 0383 646152 – Email: info@ristoranteponterosso.it
Closing days: Mondays
The good flavours of Oltrepò appear as soon as you enter Voghera

The Ponterosso restaurant started out in Voghera in 1987 with the name of “Peter Pan”; when Domenico Adorato took it over, it was essentially a modern-style pizzeria. In 2000 the restaurant underwent a total renovation, which also involved a change of name, returning to the authentic place-name of “Ponterosso”.
The restaurant is in fact located a few steps from the entrance to the city of Voghera, close to the Ponte Rosso and the old Porta Garibaldi, which was a very important point for those who went to sell goods in Voghera; it included the old weighbridge, where the customs duties were paid.

The Ponterosso Restaurant’s working philosophy is to enhance Oltrepò Pavese food and wine producers as much as possible, offering customers all types of wine and agri-food products from the area.
Furthermore, after 34 years of activity, in 2021 the municipality of Voghera awarded the gourmet pizza of the Ponterosso Restaurant with the D.E.C.O denomination for “la Gialla del Ponterosso”, the first D.E.C.O pizza recognized in Italy. Which goes well with an Oltrepò Pavese Pinot Nero rosé!

Ponterosso Restaurant, Voghera (Oltrepò)
via Garibaldi 179
0383 646152
Voghera 27058