Re Drink&Coffee, Retorbido (Oltrepò)

Re Drink&Coffee, via San Rocco 5, 27050 Retorbido (PV)
Tel. +39 389 0071811 – Email:
Closing day: Tuesdays pm
The town pub, revisited… but not overly.

Remember when you used to go out without a phone, to meet up on a bench somewhere, or in the square, or even at the pub? Here we are, that’s us.
Caffetteria, cocktails, toasties, happy hours… For us, it’s family.

You can savour a Tremarie croissant, eat a #Retosto with porchetta ham, provola cheese and friarielli greens, drink down an non-filtered Ichnusa lager on tap, why not? Or we’ll fix up a Spritz with Rabarbaro or Violetta (with Oltrepò bubblies, of course), and while we’re at it, we’ll sip some rum the way it was meant to be. But above all, you can’t miss that glass of Oltrepò Pavese.
We’re ready and waiting…

Re Drink&Coffee, Retorbido (Oltrepò)
Via San Rocco, 5
389 0071811
Retorbido 27050