Caffè del Teatro, Voghera (Oltrepò)

Caffè del Teatro, Via Emilia 79, 27058 Voghera (PV)
Tel. 0383 270448 – Email:
Giorno di chiusura: domenica
In the center of Voghera, for your Oltrepò sparkling aperitifs

The ancient Albergo del Moro, or the Two Mulberries, boasts records dating back from 1585 until, in 1842, the hotel underwent a conversion to accommodate Voghera’s new theatre called ‘Teatro Sociale’. Bar Teatro opened with the theatre and is a centrally located cafè with a very welcoming atmosphere, making it one of the most popular in Voghera.
The restaurant has been managed since 1996 by the Negrini family, who added cooked food served at the table to the existing coffee bar service. The clientele is very varied and ranges from people who work in banks, offices and nearby shops to people who come to enjoy a simple but refined cuisine.

There are also traditional dishes such as stews, tripe and ragò which is a type of vegetable and meat casserole. There are also some scrumptious homemade desserts.
On Saturday evenings apertifs are served with rich buffets, ranging from cocktails to local wines from the Oltrepò. Customised gift baskets are available for Christmas and Easter.
The cafè/restaurant is located in the heart of Voghera and in the summer, customers can take advantage of an outdoor area right in the main street, Via Emilia, and in the adjoining alley from which you can see the nearby Piazza Duomo.


Insolito Caffè, Voghera (Oltrepò)

Insolito Caffe, via Emilia 190, 27058 Voghera
Tel. 0383 47369 – Email:
Giorno di chiusura: domenica
In the center of Voghera, a bar that wants to proudly promote the territory.

We are located in the center of Voghera, a stone’s throw from Piazza Duomo and the station. We have internal spaces and a large outdoor area. Here you will find free WiFi, mobile and notebook charging points, and advanced forms of payment including via app and Bitcoin!
You can find our menu on Facebook and both paper and multimedia versions are available on our website, which is also adapted for mobile phones. We are a small company that, since beginning in 2016, has set itself the goal of offering quality by focusing as much as possible on smiles at km0. We come from experiences that have taken us around Northern Italy and beyond, allowing us to better understand the needs of our customers, and we strive every day to do better. We understand well the needs who work in the area, but also those who like to explore, discovering niche products, because km0 is not enough, it must also be the quality that stands out!

For a la carte wines we only offer wines from the Oltrepò Pavese region, where Voghera itself lies, through wineries we interact with directly, without intermediaries of any kind. We want to have a direct relationship with the producers to be able to recount the story of the wine, not just fill the glass! We have a wide selection of artisanal beers both from Italy and elsewhere. You will not find any of the commercial brands here. We also have a careful selection of km0 beers, produced in Voghera.
We are attentive to various dietary needs, you will find a wide choice of sandwiches, cold dishes, salads and pizza, straight from the oven to your plate! Here, km0 can be seen in the choice of cold cuts, bread, focaccia and desserts. We cater to vegans and vegetarians, to those who, for religious reasons, do not eat certain foods, always trying to add taste and colour.
We can’t wait to share a piece of the Oltrepò with you!

Gastronomia Con Fede senza glutine, Rivanazzano Terme (Oltrepò)

Gastronomia Con Fede senza glutine, Piazza Cornaggia 46, 27055 Rivanazzano Terme (PV)
Tel. 349 2527514 – Email:
Closing days: limited opening on Tuespedys and Thursdays
Even with gluten-free, you can enjoy delectable food at the table

The philosophy of Con Fede senza glutine (gluten-free) is based on offering high-level gastronomic experiences that can be enjoyed onsite or at home, to lovers of good food, as well as those suffering from food intolerances.
Chef Federico, after twenty years of experience in the catering sector, has decided to devote himself to gluten-free cooking by opening a gastronomy with an internal laboratory where only gluten-free ingredients are used, to offer tasty gluten-free options while guaranteeing no possibility of cross-contamination.
Inside the in-house artisan laboratory, chef Fede prepares not only baked, savory and sweet products, but also a wide selection of fresh pasta, filled pasta and many exquisite gastronomic proposals from appetizers to desserts.
Customers can choose what to buy from the window and take it home or dine-in, whether it be indoors or outdoors at the tables under the arcade.
It is an excellent point of reference for breakfasts, lunches, and snacks thanks also to the opening hours 7 days a week (with different hours depending on the day). Aperitifs with themed tastings are also organised throughout the year.

In addition to the fresh counter, at Con Fede senza gluten, you will also find many quality packaged food proposals from the best brands as well as gluten-free beers and wines from the Oltrepò. Regarding our wines, the owners have carefully sought out vintages that would adapt to varied and different palates that are always enjoyable fruity in nature.
With this guideline they have therefore selected exclusively local wines by choosing local wines of the Castello di Stefanago winery in Borgo Priolo and the E. Pennac winery in Torrazza Coste.
Con Fede senza glutine has chosen these wineries because their vineyards have been converted to organic farming, and the wines are made with indigenous yeasts, undergo spontaneous fermentation in steel containers without temperature control and the quantities of sulphite present in the bottle are reduced and at times entirely absent.
Among the labels on the shelves, you will find Spumante Brut Ancestrale, Bianco still Arò, Bianco Amico Friz as well as unfiltered Bc Rosso pet-nat and Cr Bianco pet-nat, available both by the glass (to savour on site) and by the bottle.
We accept payments by cash, debit card, credit card and Satispay.

Il Feudo Nico, Mornico Losana (Oltrepò)

Agriturismo Il Feudo Nico, Via San Rocco 63, 27040 Mornico Losana (PV)
Tel. 0383 892452 – Email:
Closing days: open upon reservation
Eight generations of wine makers

Good morning from the Madama family, a historical family of Mornico Losana. After combing through the municipal registry and the baptismal registers in the archive of our parish, we were able to trace the various generations of our ancestors to 1825, the year in which Carlo Madama registered his son Francesco at the registry office. Four generations followed when, at the end of the Great War, Emilio began to transform a small company into a real business.
Then married to Marie Antoinette, Emilio consolidated the family business by producing our first bottles, still preserved to this day.
In 1972 Edoardo officially took over the reins of the company, initially expanding the vineyards to the current 10 hectares, and later, thanks to the unconditional support of his wife Gabriella, to consolidate a brand that today is an example of excellence in wine-making.
Today, Edoardo is joined by Massimo, the eighth generation of a family who believes in quality, territory and hard work.
The Pavia Chamber of Commerce has formally recognised us as a Centennial Company. Since 1998 there has also been the Feudo Nico restaurant with its breathtaking views of the beautiful valley dominated by the Montalto Pavese Castle.

Mamma Gabriella is the undisputed queen of the Feudo’s cuisine. During the year, her cuisine follows the seasons, offering a typical tasting menu. All the ingredients come from nearby farms or directly from her garden.
Dining room service is taken care of by Massimo, ready to propose and combine the dishes with the wines he produces. Having a long history of farming has given us strong ties with the environment around us. Our choices as a company always take into account the environmental impact it will have.
The cornerstone of our viticulture is to produce healthy grapes, transforming them into superior quality wines.
This goal is made possible by minimizing the use of pesticides or chemical agents, exploiting the resources and regulatory mechanisms normally present in nature.
For some years we have also been producing our own EVO oil.
We like to define our agriculture as eco-friendly.

Caffè del Teatro, Pavia

Caffè del Teatro, Corso di Strada Nuova 75, 27100 Pavia
Tel. 348 0969014 – Email:
Closing days: Mondays
Curtains! Time to eat

The Caffè Teatro is a historic café and cocktail bar located in the centre of Pavia, right in front of the eighteenth-century Gaetano Fraschini Theatre and a stone’s throw from the Visconti Castle.
A landmark for cultural life in the city, the café organizes musical events, meetings with the actors from the theatre and presentations.
It was opened in 1991 by Luigi Cappelletti together with his sons Angelo and Giovanni, until the reins of the management were taken almost exclusively by Angelo Cappelletti, starting in 1994, transforming it from just a day club into a vital hub of the city’s nightlife. Since 2017 the restaurant has been successfully run by his nephew Riccardo Cappelletti.

Aesthetically unusual, all the actors and actresses who have acted over the years at the Fraschini Theater have passed through its doors, as you can see by the numerous autographed posters that fill the walls of the room. Painters, sculptors, musicians, pianists and singers have also chosen this place as a reference point for their performances. This is the only place where you walk on a 200 square metre canvas painted by the artist Guy De Jong, who also contributed other art works for the interior decoration including the refrigerator, the counter and all the tables.
Entering Caffè Teatro you are immersed in an artistic environment, where different styles are blended in a mix of modern and antique furniture, like the cash register from last century or theatre books from two centuries ago.
Often a meeting place for university students to drink a craft beer, a good glass of Oltrepò wine or to eat a sandwich or a flatbread, it is possible to organise graduation and birthday parties. It is a place in constant evolution that however remains faithful to itself and to the idea of ​​those who created it, with one eye on the future and the other on tradition.


Agriturismo Il Cinema, Valle Lomellina (Lomellina)

Agriturismo Il cinema, Via Contrada della Valle 15, 27020 Valle Lomellina
Tel. 0384 79059 – Email:
Closing days: opening on Fridays and Saturdays for dinner; on Sundays for lunch and dinner
Where once shone the light of a projector, today shines the local traditional food and wine

A unique farmhouse, located in the historic centre in front of the Valle Lomellina Castle. From 1948 to 1975 it functioned as an important type of theatre callled ‘avanspettacolo’ which was based on short pieces of comedy with minimal use of props. It maintains the characteristics, height and equipment of the time, like a real Museum of Cinema: stage, stalls, projection machine, film reels, film and rewinding equipment, folding red velvet armchairs, amplifiers, microphones, original posters of Italian and international films, ticket holders, bar counter, antique candy holders and so on. Among the most illustrious names who performed here were Mina and Celentano, at the dawn of their artistic careers, and Fred Buscaglione who was at the height of his success.

The Marucchi family now proposes its cinema in the dual function of farmhouse and permanent film exhibition, allowing modern generations to experience film and theatre as it was in the past. At the table, a generous seasonal offering of the culinary delights of the Lomellina region awaits, from which our famous “feature film of appetizers Il Cinema” (sgonfiotti (puffed bread), sage and fried dumplings with salami, focaccia and gourmet pizzas, black rice with strawberries and rump of white ox, tartlets with celery pesto and gorgonzola, milk bagna cauda, ​​Piedmontese mixed fried with Breme De. Co. red onions in batter, for example) will accompany you along with Carnaroli rice risotto from our farm (typical Lomellina style with salami paste and eye beans, panissa (risotto), castelmagno (cheese) and pears, for example), with fresh pasta (malfatti (gnocchi) of the Lomellina region, ravioli with porcini mushrooms, chestnut flour lasagna, for example), roasts, braised white ox with polenta and overcooked ribs with Bonarda (red wine), the spectacular Arcimbolci cut of fruit seasoned with Rosolio (rose liqueur) from our farm and, finally, the artisanal, classic and modern desserts.
All strictly accompanied by Oltrepò Pavese wines, included in the menu. The stage, the stalls and the outdoor garden (a small corner of peace and tranquility where the cinema equipment used to be) become the ideal place for this typical, but never banal tasting. Lunches, aperitifs, dinners with live music and theatrical performances, evenings with themed menus (truffles, porcini mushrooms, red onion from Breme De. Co.), many options that we offer as well as many occasions that lend themselves to being celebrated with us not only for the truly unique character of the place, but also for the large rooms, suitable for welcoming large numbers of guests and diners.

Le Gronde, Cava Manara (Pavia)

Hotel-Ristorante-Sala Congressi “LE GRONDE”, Via Palmiro Togliatti 102, 27051 Cava Manara (PV)
Tel. +39 0382 553942 –
Closing days: Tuesdays
At the service of business and private customers for thirty years

The “Le Gronde” Hotel Restaurant is located in the municipality of Cava Manara, seven kilometres from Pavia. We are located on the former Statale dei Giovi road, a short distance from the river Po. Not only Pavia, but also the Oltrepò Pavese hills, the Certosa di Pavia or Vigevano with its scenic Piazza Ducale are just a short drive away. The hotel has been run and managed for thirty years by the same owner, with great experience in the restaurant business.
Le Gronde has 28 classic rooms on offer, a restaurant, a banquet hall, a congress hall and a meeting room.

The restaurant offers Italian cuisine and seafood specialties, accompanied by Oltrepò Pavese and national wines.
For business customers, there is the possibility of a conference room and a meeting room, equipped with every service for their business needs.
We can also host coffee breaks, welcome aperitifs, business lunches or gala dinners.

Re Drink&Coffee, Retorbido (Oltrepò)

Re Drink&Coffee, via San Rocco 5, 27050 Retorbido (PV)
Tel. +39 389 0071811 – Email:
Closing day: Tuesdays pm
The town pub, revisited… but not overly.

Remember when you used to go out without a phone, to meet up on a bench somewhere, or in the square, or even at the pub? Here we are, that’s us.
Caffetteria, cocktails, toasties, happy hours… For us, it’s family.

You can savour a Tremarie croissant, eat a #Retosto with porchetta ham, provola cheese and friarielli greens, drink down an non-filtered Ichnusa lager on tap, why not? Or we’ll fix up a Spritz with Rabarbaro or Violetta (with Oltrepò bubblies, of course), and while we’re at it, we’ll sip some rum the way it was meant to be. But above all, you can’t miss that glass of Oltrepò Pavese.
We’re ready and waiting…

Agripavia, Pavia

Agripavia, via Omodeo 27, 27100 Pavia
Ph.+39 0382 530760– Email:
Closing Days: Sundays (apart from the first Sunday of the months)
Come to the heart of Pavia for strictly zero-food-mile shopping and aperitifs

Between Piazza della Vittoria and Piazza del Duomo, in the heart of Pavia, there is a place where you can discover who produces food, and how, and taste the treasures of the surrounding countryside, carefully chosen to be brought to life in our shop.
We are in just the right place to bring tourists and city folk into contact with the stories of the products and traditions of our territory. Food should be experienced as culture and conviviality; that’s why we our pre-prepared dishes are crafted with the same ingredients you can buy in the shop, following the cycle of the seasons.
But not only, we also offer courses, workshops and meetings with producers.

Through the creation of personalised gift boxes, gift cards, or simply purchasing one of our hampers, also available online, you can spread the word about the products of the Paniere Pavese in Italy and around the world, with friends and acquaintances, or enjoy them at your home, along with cooking or wine-matching advice!
Of course, alongside our Lomellina rice and Varzi DOP salami, Breme red onion conserve or Parona offella biscuits, a Varzi almond cake or Voghera mostarda pickles, there is our carefully selected Oltrepò Pavese wine list, to buy and take home or enjoy here with us, perhaps with a ham, cheese and honey platter, why not?

La Dogana Castello di Luzzano Restaurant, Rovescala (Oltrepò)

Castello di Luzzano – Ristorante la Dogana, località Luzzano 7, 27040 Rovescala
Tel. 0523 863277+39 0523 864961 – Email:
Closing days: Mon-Thu
On the ridge betwen two “DOC’s” – for two-thousand years.

Castello di Luzzano is a winery on the boundary between two of Italy’s primary wine-producing regions: Oltrepà Pavese and the Colli Piacentini. We produce prestigious Oltrepò DOC wines – Bonarda, Barbera, Pinot nero – and Colli Piacentini DOC wines – Gutturnio, Malvasia, Chardonnay, Ortrugo –, only using the vineyards on our own property.
The company is a small hamlet awash in time’s stream, with a history, including wine-making, more than two-thousand years long. It is the most unexpected, tucked-away place, at the heart of a hill 270 metres above sea-level, outlined by the rows of vines that surround it. Here, on more than seventy hectares of vineyards, Castello di Luzzano wines are produced.
Giovanella Fugazza is an attentive and passionate owner. She wanted her winery to be authentic, slow to adopt innovations, never overwhelming, but always with full respect and love for the place and for nature. This magical estate opens its doors to wine lovers. The colours and creative atmosphere of the winery represent the spirit of its wine: giving joy and imagination.

Here, lovers of nature and good wine can book overnight stays in apartments and rooms, once the homes of peasants, savouring the nectar we produce in the ancient cellar, testimony to the history of the estate.
In the old 18th-century Customs House, at the entrance to the estate, a small inn has been created, with four exquisite rooms and a small restaurant, open from March to November, by booking only. It is here that we match our local specialties only and exclusively with wines produced on our estate.
Tourists are welcome for visits to the estate, wine tasting, luches, dinners, and to celebrate special occasions.
We speak Italian, English and French.