“In Pavia we drink Oltrepò” is an important initiative, in continuous evolution, built upon a sense of belonging, and pride in our local excellence, and upon creativity in imagining together scenarios for future development. It is also built upon immense respect for our traditions and the professionalism of the people involved, from producers to hospitality workers to end customers.
The initiative arose with the goal of creating an Oltrepò wine culture and storytelling culture among hospitality providers in Pavia and its Province, to transform them into passionate ambassadors for our rich local wine heritage and Pavia’s territorial Denomination of Origin. The goal is to reach out to the largest possible number of hospitality providers in Pavia and its Province, broadening the network of companies that have decided to insert local labels on their wine list.


The heart of the initiative lies in direct contacts with hospitality providers in the Province, and the creation of a dynamic and pro-active network of companies that sell and support Oltrepò wines. Several phases have been planned: from the creation of a comprehensive list of all providers serving Oltrepò wines within the Province, to presentations (online, in the era of Covid), to paying personal visits to all of the providers involved, as soon as conditions allow, to give the initiative a personal touch, collect suggestions, and personally hand out an information kit, including brochures and window decals.



The brochure will have a two-fold role: it will be a brief guide to the D.O. (D.O.C.G and D.O.C.) wines of Oltrepò Pavese, and at the same time, an example of storytelling for hospitality providers to make use of. Inside, there will be details about the Denomination of Origin, the suitable temperatures at which to serve wines, a glossary, suggestions, together with anecdotes and curiosities about the wines that can be used to charm customers, in both Italian and English, and thereby become true ambassadors for the vast riches of Oltrepò.



The “Taste Oltrepò Here” window decal, on the other hand, will be a stylized wine glass recalling the colours of wine and bubbles, and will be distributed to all the hospitality providers who join to the project.
This “cockade” will be a guarantee that people can taste Oltrepò wine accompanied not only by a technical explanation, but also storytelling from staff.



Last but not least, the portal you’re currently surfing is available on any device. It will give visibility to hospitality providers that serve Oltrepò and at the same time provide orientation and information for end customers, who will be able to “choose local” by looking at the interactive map of the providers that sell Oltrepò.


The project is brought to you by a ‘motley crew’ of professionals in the fields of marketing, enology, communication, digital and creative strategies; sommeliers of long standing, who have served Presidents, Queens and Popes, and wine historians; specialists in guerrilla marketing and digital artists, enology students and international storytellers. We all share a goal: to reach out to every restaurateur, hotel manager, and bar tender, and to win over every shop window and shop entrance in Pavia and its Province with a “Drink Oltrepò Here” window decal.

“In Pavia we drink Oltrepò” is brought to you care of the Vacanze Pavesi team, an I Viaggi di Tels brand from a historical incoming tour operator of the Province of Pavia.

“In Pavia we drink Oltrepò” is one of the four initiatives financed by the “Project for the Valorisation of the Pavia’s wine, food and agricultural district” promoted by the Region of Lombardy, Unioncamere, the Chamber of Commerce of Pavia in collaboration with the Consortium Wines Protection Oltrepò Pavese, the District of Quality Oltrepò Wine, and the Consortium for the Club of Buttafuoco Storico.