On this page you can find out where to enjoy a glass of Oltrepò in the Province of Pavia.
Gourmet restaurants, wine bars, hotels… so many styles, so many personalities, and a rich variety of superb services and products, that all share the colours, fragrances and unmistakable hues of our wines.
Many are already investing in the quality of the Oltrepò denomination, but this website publishes constant and sparkling updates: if you are a hospitality professional of any kind, get in touch with us!
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If, on the other hand, you are looking for places to taste Oltrepò wines, enter your location on the map and choose a place to visit depending on the distance and the type of experience you wish to have.
Consult the guide at the bottom of the page to get oriented.


      – 1. Star Restaurant: restaurant that has received a Michelin Star
      – 2. Award Winning: company singled out for attention by a guide or network dedicated to excellence in food and wine (Slow Food, Il Gambero Rosso, Il Golosario…)
      – 3. Typically Pavian: restaurant that serves traditional dishes (including reinterpretations) and or local ingredients
      – 4. In a 4* Hotel: restaurant inside a four-star hotel where you can book a stay
      – 5. In a 3* Hotel: restaurant inside a three-star hotel where you can book a stay
      – 6. Agriturismo: authentic local products and the chance to book a stay
      – 7. Wine Shop: tasting and/or purchasing of bottles of Oltrepò wine
      – 8.Aperitivo: aperitifs available with local products
      – 9. Informal: bars and cafes which serve cooked food, pizzeria, pubs and trattorias

      [If the category you are looking for does not appear in the search, companies offering the selected experience are not yet registered on this portal]